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General Mission Statement:

DrumChops.com was opened with two main goals.  One was personal, and one was as a service to the drumming community.  

My dad, Jimmie Stavris Sr.  owned and operated a drum school & shop in the Connecticut area for years.  Upon his passing in 1996, I developed and have since maintained a dedication web site in his honor.  The site had over a thousand hits, in the first year it was up, and I received many emails from friends and former students expressing their good feeling for him and the site.  DrumChops.com is an extension of that site, and brings the Stavris family name back into the business of providing quality drum equipment at a fair price to the drumming community.

DrumChops.com Privacy Policy:

At DrumChops.com, your privacy matters!  Therefore, we take the following measures to insure that privacy regarding any information you may send to us via email, or orders:


DrumChops.com Pricing Policy:

Keeping with our Mission Statement, our pricing policy is consistent with provide our customers with the best possible price we can.  Due to our low profit margins, we must reserve the right to raise prices if our suppliers increase our cost.  All price increases are a direct result of increased prices to us.  Therefore, all prices are subject to change without notice!

Payment Options:

At this time we exclusively have moved to using PayPal as your one-stop-payment option.  With Paypal you get an industry standard secure payment option from a company that is dedicated to the payment process as DrumChops is dedicated to Drums!  The switch to PayPal offers our customers services that as a small business we simply could not have offered before.  Now you can Pay via ALL major credit cards including American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard as well as using other PayPal options such as direct debits from your checking or other PayPal accounts.


We will NOT guess at what the shipping cost will be for your order!!  Once you place your order we will contact our suppliers and get a cost for shipping.  We will then send you an additional invoice through Paypal for the balance of your total (the shipping costs) for easy payment.  Once we receive that payment we will instruct our suppliers to ship ASAP!

Your order can be stopped for a full refund at anytime BEFORE shipping.  Once your item is shipped, see the additional guidelines below: 

NOTE: Some of our suppliers charge a drop-ship fee.  This is usually in the $5 - $10 dollar range depending on the supplier and is usually only in effect on small orders.  Whenever possible, we avoid this fee anyway we can, but if the product is not in stock and only available from one of these suppliers, we may have no choice but to pass this charge along in addition to any shipping.  This will be a particular problem if a customer orders a single drum head or a couple of pairs of sticks.  Please keep this in mind when placing your orders!

Merchandise is normally ordered from our wholesale partners on the next business day from which the original order is received.  If it is not in stock, it will automatically be backordered and our customers will immediately be notified via email.  The customer then has the choice to cancel the order.  In an effort to keep shipping costs down, we will do everything we can to hold your order until all items are in, so shipping is only charged once.  If you have any items in your order that need to be special ordered and will take longer then the rest of your order we will notify you and give you the choice of splitting the order, waiting for everything to ship at once, or cancellation.

Any order that is shipped and then returned to either  DrumChops.com or one of our suppliers will result in a 30% restocking fee or whatever we are charged by the supplier in addition to all shipping costs.  Orders that are refused will be charged in the same manner.  If orders sent back are reordered, a second shipping charge will apply.  

Returns will not be accepted on item in warranty by the manufacturer, but  DrumChops.com will do our best to take care of any problems or get additional information as requested by our customers.  Your satisfaction is our number one goal!

Policies on returns are subject to change as we deal with multiple suppliers and they each have different policies.  Please contact us before any return so we may confirm the costs that may be incurred.

NOTE: DrumChops.com can only ship within the United States!  Orders from Alaska or Hawaii will incur additional shipping costs.

Contact Information:

DrumChops.com can be contacted in several ways:

Or send us mail at:

17620 W. Andora St.
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