Hearing Protection

The following is a small part of my DrumViews page. I took this text out and put it under its own category because I feel that ear protection is so important for drummers. At this time, I just have a link to a very good page that shows the type of ear plugs that I use. In the future I will expand on this page. For now, just click on the "ear plugs" link. 

The third and final opinion I will list here is more of a mission of awareness. Those of us that play drums are at a unique disadvantage of having to deal with possible hearing loss. I know this is the last thing you want to hear if your a drummer, but believe me... I know from experience!!

A few years back, I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. This is a disease that causes vertigo attacks as well as a plugged ear feeling, and ringing in the ear. Fortunately, my vertigo attacks are not all that common, but I do suffer from hearing loss, and let me tell you, there is nothing worse for a musician then not being able to hear. It's frustrating, and most of all it can ruin your career.

My answer to this was getting a pair of custom made ear plugs that fit in my ear and have filters that just "attenuate" sound rather then muffling it. These allow me to hear the proper range of frequencies that we all need to balance our sound with that of the group, while protecting my ears from further damage. The model I have is called the ER-15. They have filters that attenuate 15db and were made for me by a local audiologist. The cost was about $125.00. I found this to be an excellent investment. I use these for practicing, live gigs, listening to live music that is loud, and even under headphones while playing with recorded music. In fact, I have even used them during fire alarms, and while using loud motorized equipment like lawn mowers. I really feel everyone should have a pair!

If your serious about music and your hearing, you'll look into getting a pair of these!!

Louis A. Stavris