Welcome to the Lou Stavris Drum Page!

There are many drummers that have influenced me in my life, but none has meant more to me than my Dad, Jimmie Stavris Sr. It was my dad that started me playing drums and teaching me at the age of five, and continued to teach me until he passed away on December 22, 1996. Jimmie Stavris Sr. was an extraordinary drummer, teacher, and most importantly husband and father. For a more detailed account of his life, please visit th Jimmie Stavris Sr. Dedication page that I have set up in his honor.

I'll also state up front, that both my brother Jimmie Stavris Jr. and my Uncle Nick Forte have also been VERY important to me in both my life, and my growth as a drummer. I owe much of what I've been able to accomplish to my entire family!

I have also been greatly influenced by the Legends in drumming, and while I have not patterened my style after any individual drummer, here are a few of my favorites!
  • Buddy Rich
  • Louie Bellson
  • Butch Miles
  • Steve Gadd
  • Gregg Bissonette
  • Dave Weckl
  • Steve Smith
  • Vinnie Colaiuta