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My name is Lou Stavris and I am the Owner/Instructor at the DrumChops Drum School & Shop located in Surprise, AZ. I come from a family of Drummers. My Father was a Master Drum Instructor and taught my Uncle, Brother, me and over 2800 other students in a teaching career that spanned more than 40 years. As the youngest in the family I had the opportunity to learn from my Dad as well as my other family members. My structured lessons started at the age of 5 and by the time I reached high school I was booking my own band and performing weekly at local clubs and events.

There was a certain amount of pressure growing up in this environment. After all, if youíre the teacherís kid, youíre expected to be good, right? This is true, but the way my Father taught and how he inspired me was to be sure I had my own identity. He was not making clones, he was teaching the ART of drumming, and like any artist all of his students were encouraged to be themselves. This is a lesson that continues to mold my teaching style today.

My hard work paid off, and soon his students wanted to learn from me as well. Without even knowing it I was not only taught how to play, but given the gift of being able to teach! Over the years Iíve played in many different musical situations from bands specializing in Classic Rock, Blues, Latin Rock, Jazz, and all the varied rhythms needed to play in everything from shows to weddings. With a solid foundation and the freedom to create my own style I have achieved many years of success and fulfillment as a drummer.

In 2007, I moved to Arizona from the East Coast and built my first studio. Since then Iíve taught countless students of all ages and levels. I teach in a curriculum based program unlike any other that Iíve seen in books, or DVDís combining technique, music theory, groove essentials, fill study, and unique exercises, games, and patterns. All combining to create fundamentally sound musical drummers who can play any genre of music with groove & chops! Iíve played and been around drumming my entire life. I learned how to play and teach from one of the best. It is a gift that I am very passionate about and I never take lightly.

From being on stage with Buddy Rich when I was five years old, playing and booking my own band at the age of 13, performing with the great Louie Bellson, and teaching others what I have learned through a lifetime of study. Drums have been my passion and inspiration and I look forward to each lesson when I have the privilege of passing that knowledge and inspiration to my students!

If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area and are interested in drum lessons Call: 623-546-9738

If you are not in the Phoenix, AZ area I am now offering Private Lessons on SKYPE!!

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