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Did You Just Buy Your First Drum Set?

Having A Bit Of Trouble Putting It Together?

DrumChops.com Is Here To Help!!!!

What Are They?:

It does not matter if you bought a Jr. Set for your budding young drummer, or a starter set for an older student.  The first time you are faced with shells, rims, tension rods, cymbal stands, cymbals, pedals, etc.  It can be a puzzle.  What's worse, is that usually there are no instructions in the box about how to put all of this stuff together!

What is the Key?:

Depending on the make and model, there may be different parts that you will need to figure out how to assemble.  If the set you purchased did not come with instructions, the best way to get through this task is to reference a good picture of the drums.  I'm going to put up a few pictures here and give you some tips about how to go about assembling the drums.  I'll be as basic as I can, so hopefully even if you have never seen a drum "up close and personal" before, you will still be able to get the assembly done correctly.



That should be all the information you need to get your set assembled and your business working well!


Lou Stavris



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