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Union Drums... A New Standard For Student Level Kits!

drumset buyers guide

Union drums may not be a big name in the industry YET, but they are gradually making themselves heard in the areas of Student level drum sets and sets for kids.  We have found the quality and price of these sets to make them out top choice for young students and those needing a great beginner to mid-level kit!


drumset buyers guide


What can you offer for the smaller student?

For those looking for smaller sizes designed for kids age 3-8 we offer these following options in the Union line!



drumset buyers guidedrumset buyers guidedrumset buyers guide


This drum set buyers guide represents a variety of options available from DrumChops.com. All sets that don't specifically come with cymbals can easily be packaged with them.  While these sets represent examples, they DO NOT represent all of the different brands or types of drums that are available from DrumChops.com! If you don't see the brand or model of drums that you are looking for please fill out our Drum Survey and we'll see if we can get it for you.


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